Alliance Aces

96: Your Alliances’ Differentiation Matters: How You Can Add Value w/ Jenni Flinders



When discussing ecosystems, often the conversation revolves around what your alliances can do for you.   Yet, the conversation is incomplete without discussing your responsibility in the ecosystem. If you want a thriving ecosystem, you need to ask yourself: How am I adding value to my alliances?   Today’s guest Jenni Flinders, VP and Channel Chief at VMWare, says a great way to add value is to analyze how you can help your alliances differentiate.   We covered a lot of ground today, including:   - Why you should target alliance differentiation   - Why simple questions provide powerful solutions   - How enablement holds an ecosystem together   To contact the host, Chip Rodgers, with topic ideas, suggest a guest, or join the conversation about alliances, he can be reached by:   Email:   Twitter: @chiprodgers   LinkedIn: