The Writers Panel With Ben Blacker

Little Fires Everywhere



The writers of "Little Fires Everywhere" (Liz Tigelaar, Nancy Won, Raamla Mohamed, Attica Locke, Harris Danow, Shannon Houston, Amy Talkington, Rosa Handelman) sat down with Ben a year ago before production began to talk about adapting the 2017 novel into a Hulu series. THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BETTERHELP For 10% off, visit THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY SPOTIFY! Listen to "The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon" for free, only on Spotify. Go to! FOLLOW THE GUESTS ON TWITTER: Liz Tigelaar (@liztigelaar) Nancy Won (@nancywon) Raamla Mohamed (@dramaraamla) Attica Locke (@atticalocke) Shannon Houston (@shannonmhouston) Amy Talkington (@amytalkington) CONNECT W/ BEN BLACKER & THE WRITER'S PANEL ON SOCIAL MEDIA THE WRITER'S PANEL IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST