Simply Kids Unplugged

UNPLUGGED episode 101: Understanding Anxiety in our kids - A live chat with Allison Davies, Brain Care Specialist



  First episode of Simply Kids UNPLUGGED - Unscripted, holistic & heart-centred parenting interviews! I am thrilled to have Allison as our first special guest. Allison Davies, Brain Care Specialist is a brain care specialist, Neurologic Music Therapist, educator, advocate, speaker, mum and wife. She is also creator of the online course Brains = Behaviours. Allison has enjoyed presenting and guest speaking for more than 15 years and is renowned for her ability to entertain a room in her unique ‘storytelling mixed with science’ approach to educating, as well as sharing enlightening excerpts of her lived experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. She was named a 2016 National AMP Tomorrow Maker for her contribution to creating a better tomorrow for Australian families, and in 2018 Allison received third place in both the ‘Women Will Change the World’ and ‘Making a Difference’ National AusMumpreneur Awards. Allison lives in regional Tasmania, with her husband and 2 children,