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March 1, 2020 | On GPS: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on President Trump's deal with the Taliban for a U.S. pull-out



Airdate March 1 2020: On today's show: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani tells Fareed that the U.S. deal with the Taliban indicates a transition "from war to peace." Then, what is Afghanistan's future after American withdrawal? Will Afghanistan be the next Vietnam? Peter Bergen and Andrew Bacevich discuss with Fareed. Also, as the U.S. records its first death from coronavirus and the global death toll nears 3,000, what precautions can you take to protect against the virus? Fareed talks to CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Sylvia Burwell, who was Secretary of Health and Human Services during the Ebola outbreak of 2014. GUESTS: President Ashraf Ghani, Peter Bergen, Andrew Bacevich, Sylvia Burwell, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Rana Ayyub via Knit