Leasing Leah

Make Yourself Promotable with Casey Van Zandt



Leasing Leah and Casey Van Zandt talk about what makes you promotable in your Property Management Career.  ⁣ After today’s guest was crushing it in the corporate student housing world and climbing the ladder at a breakneck pace, she’s the creator of The Mindful Hustle; her name is Casey Van Zandt.⁣ ⁣ Casey is a High-Performance Mindset Coach to Executives and Corporate Teams and a leading national Student Housing Consultant. She’s also a speaker and yoga instructor. Instagram: @caseyvyoga⁣ ⁣ Casey is the queen of work-life balance and loves introducing “life-balance” to successful entrepreneurs, executives, and corporate teams everyday lives. She believes that when you experience new success, although no easy task, it is just one step of many and isn’t even always the hardest step. She helps successful entrepreneurs and executives maintain their success and scale their businesses/careers for the long haul, so they still like their business/profession and want to show up for it 3, 5, 10, 20+ years from now and