No Condom

Episode 12: Use Your Network... feat. @noellechesnutwhitmore, @breezyie & @zadirect



We had some issues with Rhys being drunk last week, so here's what we will call part 2 of Episode 12! The No Condom Podcast is joined by our special guests @noellechesnutwhitmore (Creator of @moreinmusic) and @Breezyie who flew in straight from Spain to touch on a few topics with us! Not only did the ladies join us but we have a special appearance from Podcast dropout @ZADirect who showed up to chime in a couple times. The crew touch on the importance of building friendships with pure intentions, the pros and cons to networking within our friend groups and mentorship. Towards the end of the podcast we touch on the topic of colorism within our community and how we should go about controlling the narrative to any outside ethnicities. Tune in weekly and follow our growth as we continue to give it to you raw.    Follow our accounts for more updates!   Instagram: NoCondomPodcast | @RhysDurrell, @MartyMclaren, @Chigozie.Onyeaka  Apple Podcast: No Condom Podcast   Spotify: No