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[Startupertalks] Mikhail Krymov - Founder and CEO of Sleepbox



The Sleepbox in an ingenious idea that leases small hotel boxes by the hour or night.  The first use of the Sleepbox was to put it in an airport, but it could prove to be common in many other locations. Sleepbox rooms are 40 square feet or 3.7 square meters in size with single or double bed configurations. They're renting for $30 an hour or $100 a night. The bedroom has access to a shared bathroom and a tub. The Sleepbox can be set up anywhere, and it's not just for the airport. It's just a matter of time before we can see them popping up everywhere. The Sleepbox is just like a hotel where you make an online reservation and check-in as soon as you get there. The new sleepbox is set up at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, Stockholm, and will soon be available at Washington Dulles Airport, downtown Boston, and Atlanta. As this new hotel design attracts attention and popularity, Sleepbox hopes to see their inexpensive, space-efficient hotels in locations like parks and office buildings. The Park Hotel design w