The Writers Panel With Ben Blacker

Introducing: The Topical



From the writers of The Onion and "A Very Fatal Murder" comes a fake news podcast that's better than the real thing. The daily news podcast is an increasingly crowded field. But the nascent genre has finally been validated with the arrival of its very own satirical takedown.  At less than 10 minutes a day, there is no reasonable excuse for not listening to The Topical.  From the successful cloning of God by Vatican scientists to the release of Starbucks’ new $7 wake-up slap, The Topical will cover news large and small. Premiering January 29, you can find The Topical in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, PodNow, NowPod, PodLater, PostPod, PodPod or wherever you listen to your podcasts.