Alliance Aces

92: Leading a Global Partner Ecosystem w/ Micheal McCollough



In a global world, with a global staff, and a global product, it can be tough to keep yourself grounded in what matters to EACH partner, can’t it?    You can’t operate in a one-size-fits-all mentality when you’re operating a partner ecosystem across multiple countries, cultures, time-zones, and even continents.    This can be particularly challenging when you’re a cloud company. Because you don’t actually have a “product” in the traditional sense of the word.    So how do you operate in the partner ecosystem as a “cloud-only” company? We sat down recently with Micheal McCollough, who is the Global Vice President of Channels & Alliances at Akamai. He was kind enough to be a guest on the Ecosystem Aces podcast and talked all about how being a cloud company has impacted the way they interact with partners. leading partners in different regions of the world, and some of the things that have worked well for them as an organization.