Sasquatch Chronicles

SC EP:609 I Do Not Hunt Anymore



A listener writes “Okay so I want to start from the beginning. This is what happened to me. I would like to say I used to be an avid outdoors-men, fisherman and hunter. I grew up camping and backpacking. I began hunting deer and hog as an adult just so I had the skill, as well as, teaching myself some basic tracking skills by reading and applying books by Tom Brown, Jr. I am no expert but experienced enough in the outdoors to know sounds and tracks of basic animals running around in my area. I stick mainly to fishing and some backpacking with friends now.So anyways, it was the fall of 2007, It was a weekday in early September and still extremely hot down here In Texas. I was busy getting back to things that keep me whole; Kayaking, fishing, camping and since it was fall; dove, deer and hog hunting.I decided I was going to try and get the deer hitting some feeders, at least predictably, on a piece of family property in Lavaca County, TX. The overall area of the property is around 300 acres, but the family prop