Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrends] Personal branding workshop; how to start vlogging



Over the last four years, travel content has grown steadily. Travelers share their stories on social media, continuously producing high-quality videos, images, and diaries. Engaging with travel influencers has become an important way for companies within the travel industry to create brand awareness and for tourist boards to promote new destinations. 48 percent of users have chosen Instagram to discover new travel destinations, while 52 percent have been motivated by their friends ' Facebook posts to book new travel.  Nonetheless, video is the current and future of content marketing, and this is further illustrated in the chart below: by 2020, marketers are expected to spend up to $28 billion on digital marketing strategies. Nowadays, "amateurs" do not necessarily mean blurred pictures or shaky clips. Travel vloggers are talented and professional video makers who use the most sophisticated equipment expertly. The Travel channel has its own style, some YouTubers prefer long-distance and international trav