Chasing Dreams With Aimee J.

Ep. 201: MC Vikram - Vanilla Ice Cream With Chicken Tikka Masala, Please



MC Vikram grew up in a very traditional, South Indian (specifically Malayalee) household where education and church were emphasized greatly. He developed a love for comedy at an early age and decided to take the risk, step out of his cultural comfort zone, and create his own material. Fear of how his content would be received led him to create anonymously, so he could just step away if the reaction wasn’t what he wanted. His leap of faith was worth it as his songs circulated around the world and became extremely popular, changing his life forever. “Welcome to India” Are you afraid to open yourself up to criticism? MC created the parody song, “Welcome to India,” back in 2002, which was the pre-social media generation and an entirely different world. Now, he’s making a comeback with a new generation. His comedy is something he loves doing, not just for himself, but to bring laughter and happiness to others. If you think about your next step too much, then you open yourself up to “analysis paralysis.” MC says th