Impact Church Menifee

Life Goals



Key Scripture: Acts 28:23-31 One day, we will stand in the company of the great men and women of faith who have gone before us. Theirs is an example of what it means to follow Jesus with uncompromising conviction and unwavering devotion. It’s easy for us to let the cares and concerns of this life distract us from following Him with our whole heart. We pursue lesser goals and waste too much time chasing after things that don’t ultimately matter. God is still writing His Story in this world through the Church. Will you be a part of it? Scripture References and Quotes: “In Acts, we see Christianity, the real thing, in action for the first time in human history. Here we are seeing the Church in its first youth, valiant and unspoiled - a body of ordinary men and women joined in an unconquerable fellowship never before seen on this earth. This surely is the Church as it was meant to be. These people did not make ‘acts of faith,’ they believed, they did not ‘say their prayers,’ they really prayed. They did not hold