Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrends] The fear of implementing technology in the hospitality sector with Barry Clemens



Customer experience is everything in the hospitality field. Ensuring that guests are pleased is crucial to the success of a market that is increasingly competitive and where poor customer reviews can be disastrous for a brand. Technology is a key component of helping hotels provide the best guest experience, from the moment the reservation is made to the moment the guest checks. Everything in between — from the ease of connecting to the hotel's guest network to the temperature of the guest room when entering for the first time, or even the speed of delivery of a room service order— has the potential to be enhanced by the right technology. In this #Travelcast,  I had the opportunity to interview Barry Clemens. He is a through and through business professional with extensive experience in the Hospitality & Tourism trade.  Recently made major inroads in the tech startup industry in the hospitality industry and consistently met aggressive targets set and has been a speaker at various conferences rel