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Extraction Description Antonio T. Smith, Jr., after a series of painful experiences in his life which began when he was six, began the search for Truth. The Truth that allowed him to be forced to live in a trash can at six, and the same truth that would allow him to leave the trash can and build amass fame and fortune. Once he learned the truth it, he became amazed and out many people didn't know it. No, this truth isn't The Secret, as the now famous 2006 film of the same name teaches, but the truth that most people are living under their potential because the system is designed for them to do so. The masses needed to be controlled and everyone is living in an illusion of freedom. According to Smith, there is no freedom without abundance. Extraction is a documentary about the real need for people to unplug from the system of poverty, lack, and consumerism around the globe. This film discusses the power of writing down goals, why language proves you are from the Creative Source, how bad relationship