National Gallery of Australia | Audio Tour | The National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2005

Bert FLUGELMAN, Caryatid minotaur 2004-05



Caryatid Minotaur is ostensibly an arch, yet the caryatids are too close together to allow a person to pass. The tension set up by this contradiction invites reflection on the mirror-finished horns of this dilemma. Reflection in all meaning of the word. I have been fascinated by Greek mythology from an early age and I have previously worked with the Icarus and Minotaur myth. They all seem to resonate very well when contemplating the myth and confusion of contemporary life and art politics, as well as what one might euphemistically call the real world. This sculpture is also important to me because of the introduction of curved lines and surfaces. It opens up a whole new field for me and I am excited by the possibilities that I am now pursuing in a series of maquettes. It is important to me that a work is open to layers of interpretation, and that it is conceptually rich and invites speculation. Of equal importance is the physical presence of the sculpture as an icon that exercises its power through other th