Selving could be splitting, halving or doubling a temporary manifestation of a continual transfer of sorts. Selving could be a to and fro of thin air contained in plastic forms in a scale approximate to your body. A transfer might occur between you and it as you imagine yourself in there. So where are you, where am I, where does that and this self start or finish? If you imagine yourself in there or refracted and multiplied in a mirror, or you imagine yourself left for the worms in a wooden box, or perhaps you imagine yourself standing nearby in your skin, or perhaps find yourself in a daydream someplace faraway. I like to imagine ghosts floating through walls. If I could know the frequency of the wall matter could I float through? Would it be slow or fast? Maybe I could lose all definition, maybe lose myself. When I was working on this piece a little fly got trapped in the plastic, which I didn’t notice until after I had titled the show in a general way Flowers, flies and someone else. It was a strange coinc