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Ep 25 - 4 Universal Parenting Tips I’ve Learned From My Childhood



Hey mom friends! In this episode we follow through from last week and talk about what makes us happy as well as: Talk about ways our childhood influences our kids Give 4 universal principles I've learned from being a mom Back up our principles with scripture And, celebrate a VERY special little girl's birthday! I'm super excited about today's episode and hope you all enjoy it! Don't forget to send me an email at to tell me what makes you happy. I'm holding you accountable! Scripture Resources: Prov. 18:21 Job 11:14-15 Prov. 31:26 1 Cor. 13:4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't forget to grab your tickets to our Getting Yo Sexy Back event happening THIS SUNDAY! Head on over to EventBrite for more ticket and event info! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Stay connected with us on Instagram or Facebook @mommysmakingmoves. Don't forget to LEAVE A REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE, or LIKE. And share our mom conversation