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Entangled: A Liz Roberts Mystery Audiobook



Listen to the full audiobook free with a 30-day trial at Title: Entangled: A Liz Roberts Mystery Author: Don Canaan, Tessa Osborne Narrator: Anne Werner Format: Unabridged Length: 3 hrs 42 mins Language: English Release date: 2018-11-20 Publisher: Findaway Voices Genres: Fiction & Literature, Mystery, Thriller & Horror, Suspense, Detective Stories, General Publisher's Summary: Entangled, a stand-alone novella, concludes the battle of good vs. evil that permeated the series of Daddy's Girl, Pretty Little Girl and The Baby Thief.Entangled will reveal answers to questions raised in the earlier books (available in e-Book, print or audio book formats, as well as in Portugese and Spanish versions).Daddy's Girl tells how and why Armen Bedrosian, a pedophile, originates the story. For 20 years he sexually abused his teenaged daughter in this a prequel of good vs. evil.When Armen's 13-year-old daughter is kidnapped, she repays her ransom debt to daddy with daily sexually submissi