Hot Wire Foam How To

HWFF How To Community & Tombstone Contest (Ends Nov 1st 2015)!



If you've ever wanted to carve your own tombstone, receive feedback and help on your carving, or show off your skills- the time has come! Hot Wire Foam Factory & The Haunted Attractions Podcast Network are running a Hot Wire How To and Tombstone Contest- ending November 1st.What is it?It's both a guided community tutorial AND contest.If you've never touched foam before (neither have I), you can receive weekly Saturday tips from Hot Wire Foam Factory on where to start.If you're looking for feedback, to help others, or just to talk about designs- join our Facebook group moderated by Hot Wire Foam Factory! We'll take you every step of the way until you submit your finished tombstone at the end of the month.If you already know what to do, then enter your tombstone in the contest! Send entries to Newsletters@hwff.comContest you say?1. Everyone who enters gets an equal chance to win the random drawing, which is a Pro Model 4-in-1 Kit ($224.95 retail value!) from Hot Wire Foam Factory (