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Ep 20 - Single Moms Slay Pt 4 w/Ayanna from Blews Klews



 Hey Mom Friends! We are in Part 4 of our Single Moms Slay series! We talk to Ayana, CEO of Blews Klews and a friend from middle school, who talks to us about education and motherhood. We had a blast on this podcast! It's the ultimate girl talk and I know every mom (not just single moms) will benefit from it. Ayana talks to us about: How to Be a Stand-Out Parent with Teachers The Importance of Diving Into our Faith (and knowing the people's names!) Knowing What to Except From Teachers Efficient Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids Check out Blews Klews website at for more resources and don't forget to mention our podcast to get a discount!  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay connected on Instagram and Facebook at @mommysmakingmoves and don't forget to LIKE, FAVORITE, and SUBSCRIBE to our podcast and LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple to we can continue sharing with moms all over the world.