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Ep 22 - What it Takes to Be a Boy Mama + Faith w/Worrying



Hey Mom Friends! On this episode we are talking about everything it takes to raise a man child (yes, I used a Jungle Book reference!) But we also dive into worrying and how it can effect our every day well being. References: Luke 12:26 John 14:1 Matthew 6:34 Join us Sept 15th in Fort Worth, TX for our 2nd event of the year, Getting Yo Sexy Back. Click here for more information!  ------------------------------------------------------------- We are also raising our milk glasses to Erik Finman who started Botangle, an online tutoring service at 15 after being bullied at school and turned his pain into profit. He's now a Bitcoin MILLIONAIRE at 19! Stay in touch with him on IG @erikfinman ------------------------------------------------------------- Stay connected with us on social media on Instagram and Facebook @mommysmakingmoves . And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A REVIEW on Apple and let us know what you think.