The Twilight Highlight Zone

The Twilight Highlight Zone - Episode 2



Last week, Ben Hanson and I posted the first episode of our ongoing Twilight Zone podcast, which we're calling the "Twilight Highlight Zone." The setup is simple: We're watching every episode of the pioneering television show and podcasting our thoughts in five-episode blocks. We've got an all-new podcast for you this week, and it features some of the classics. We're still working out the kinks, so feel free to pass along whatever constructive criticisms you have in the comments. One of the goals here is to get a good discussion going, so catch up with us and weigh in. We'll be following the same five-episode block schedule weekly, with new episodes coming Mondays. The Twilight Zone is available on Netflix streaming and other services, so get on it already. This week's podcast covers the following episodes: 6. Escape Clause 7. The Lonely 8. Time Enough at Last 9. Perchance to Dream 10. Judgment Night If you missed out on last week's episode, it's available over here.