The Twilight Highlight Zone

Twilight Highlight Zone - Season 2, Episodes 1-5



And we're back! We apologize for the delay in posting this episode, but we wanted to have several weeks' worth of episodes in the can to ensure that we can keep posting these every Monday. For the newcomers, Jeff Cork and I are watching every episode of the classic run of The Twilight Zone and discussing the best and worst moments. We've already tackled the first season; you can find the archive here. We hope that the audio can stand on its own, but in a perfect world we'd like you to watch these episodes along with us by using any number of streaming services and participate in the discussion below. Also, our little podcast is now on iTunes for your listening convenience! Your subscription and honest review would mean the world to us! This episode of the podcast covers the first five episodes of the second season, which include... 1. King Nine Will Not Return 2. The Man in the Bottle 3. Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room 4. A Thing About Machines 5. The Howling Man