The Twilight Highlight Zone

Twilight Highlight Zone - Season 2, Episodes 6-10



Welcome to the second episode of this season's Twilight Highlight Zone. This block includes one of the most memorable episodes from the show's entire run, as well as a performance from a young actor named William Shatner. That kid has potential! If you just stumbled onto this, I'll get you up to speed. Ben Hanson and I are powering through every episode of the Twilight Zone, and we meet up afterward to discuss our thoughts on the podcast. We completed the first season a few months ago (you can listen to the first season here), and we're plugging away on season two. The Twilight Zone is available for streaming on a variety of different sites, and we encourage listeners to watch along with us and share their own observations in the comments.  This episode of the podcast covers the following episodes from season two: 6. The Eye of the Beholder 7. Nick of Time 8. The Lateness of the Hour 9. The Trouble with Templeton 10. A Most Unusual Camera We're also up on iTunes. If you like what we're doing, s