The Twilight Highlight Zone

Twilight Highlight Zone - Season 5, Episodes 11-15



We're nearing the half-way point of the final season of the Twilight Highlight Zone! Jeff Cork and I are discussing each and every episode of the classic TV series The Twilight Zone and we're speeding right through the fifth season. This batch of episodes has some potential, and a couple of them even pay off! Will it be the episode involving a magic ring or an autonomous car hell-bent on justice? You could probably guess, but watch the episodes along with us on Hulu and join in on the fun in the comments. Listen to the podcast below or subscribe to us on iTunes, the next episode of the podcast will be live next Monday! The podcast above covers the following episodes from the fifth season... 11. A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain 12. Ninety Years Without Slumbering 13. Ring-a-Ding Girl 14. You Drive 15. The Long Morrow