The Twilight Highlight Zone

Twilight Highlight Zone - Season 5, Episodes 26-30



We're close. We're so close to the finish line we can taste it. Unfortunately, that finish line only exists... in the twilight zone. Alongside my buddy Jeff Cork, I'm running down the classic version of The Twilight Zone and blathering on about every detail. We're on the home stretch with the fifth season, and this is the second-to-last recap episode. This is an interesting block of episodes, with hangings, dummies, and dim-witted assassins. Listen to the podcast below or subscribe to us on iTunes to find out. The podcast above covers the following episodes from the fifth season... 26. I Am The Night, Color Be Black 27. Sounds And Silences 28. Caeser And Me 29. The Jeopardy Room 30. Stopover In A Quiet Town