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What It Takes To Plan Your Wedding - Wedding Date Season 1 Episode 6



In Episode 6, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk about “selecting your wedding date”. But not without me stopping for a snack before this recording. This segment is a continuation of “What It Takes To Plan Your Wedding”. When we sat down and brainstormed about what our episodes should be about we had you in mind. This journey we have tailored in Season 1 is a resource you can turn too soon after your engagement. In 2015, in over 40,000 weddings listed on The Knot 70% of couples got married on a Saturday. Nearly 95% of weddings occurred on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Who is impacted by these statistics? and how? Well just about everyones directly impacted. With items such as venue, airfare, weather and floral arrangements all influenced by your wedding date. Listen in as we talk about time of year, wedding details, and guest experience three reference points to look at when choosing your wedding date. If you haven’t already, listen to episode 5 where go in depth about having a priority list a