Behind The Veil Podcast

Our Story Season 1 - Episode 1



EVERYBODY LOVES A WINNER, RIGHT? Elementary school holds some of the greatest memories. The best day ever was always field day, when you knew you were going to school to play! But school days were just plain normal. Except, one special bright spot one good old game of "kickball". Playing kickball at P.E. held some of the greatest moments and greatest memories in my elementary school days. It was there I learned to be a winner and would surprise myself. I tried different shoes, and even wore shorts if it meant I’d be better at kickball. With a full school year with the same group of classmates we got a good idea of who was athletic, could kick the ball far, and you better believe that's who we wanted on our team. Gersan, Wismy, Wendell, Fedner those kids were bright! I remember their names like we were just playing kickball yesterday with no care in the world for the South Florida heat. Winning was fun!  After countless games of losing and nail biters, it didn't take long to figure out who to partner