Clint Crisher Radio

12 INCHES of Clint Crisher by Peter Tanico



TraXXX 123 RemiXed with NEW CLINT CRISHER REMIXES! The Hot Boys World Vol 1, 2 and 3. Favorites like Fourplay remiXed by both Peter Tanico (Foreplay Remix Contest Winner) and Dj Mike Strip. Get Nasty by HERSH. The Legendary Reed McGowan (NYC) does a sexy medley of Sum Of Me, Let Me Watch and Take It Boy! Doctor Grip is remixed by Moog Lee from France and Give It Up is remixed by Chestnut from Norway. In and Out Motel was remixed by JJ 55 aka JJ Royal. Peter Tanico is the featured remixer who also does remixes of The Hot Boys World, Let Me Watch and Stroke It by Clint Crisher.