Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrends] Remodeling the world with Blockchain with Michael Noel



Over the past few years, the appearance of blockchain has caused fervor across a plethora of interest due to its potential to drastically transform the way we store and use data and other information sources. This technology promises to improve transparency and security in transactions, leading the tourism industry to start to experiment with it.  In this #travelcast  episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Noel, Co-Founder and CEO Blockchain Consultants and we spoke on: Remodeling the world with #blockchain In a not-so-distant future, people might be able to bypass the process of booking through third-party websites or just go to an airport without the need to stand in endless queues. The introduction of blockchain in tourism has the potential to help both travelers and companies within the ecosystem. Hotels, airlines, car rental, tours, pricing, and many other operations have an opportunity to evolve. Through a more intelligent and secure orchestration of data across companies, as well