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Nettle- The Prickly Medicinal Herb



Episode 30: If you've ever wandered into a patch of Nettle, you probably remember its ferocious sting! But, did you know that Nettle is a nutritional powerhouse and herbal medicine rock star? Renowned for its tiny hairs and formic acid bite, Nettle is a plant with many medicinal benefits. Nettle contains protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, chlorophyll, and Vitamins A, C, D, and B! To learn about this medicinal herb that "bites', I speak with Western Clinical Herbalist Cheryl Fromholzer, owner and founder of of Gathering Thyme, a community herb shop, clinic, and education center in San Rafael, CA. I saw Cheryl speak at the Santa Barbara Plant Food Medicine Conference last year and was impressed by her knowledge of Nettle. Cheryl fills us in on the many benefits of this tonic herb. Nettle has an alkalizing effect on tissue, can reduce allergy symptoms, alleviate fatigue, and help with skin problems like eczema. Cheryl tells us how and when to harvest Nettle and what parts of the plant to use. We also discu