Erasing Ab-pa

Conversation with Heather Jan: Part 2



I finish up my conversation with Heather Jan, a targeted parent living in the south New Jersey area. In Part 2, Heather shares how the alienator was able to endear herself to her daughter, how her son was able to reject the alienation and how her daughter was converted into a spy and Heather did not feel safe nor comfortable in her own home.Heather does have resolution and shares about the days her daughter rejected the alienation and reached out to her and eventually reunified with her after removing herself from the alienator's home.Please subscribe, rate and review and share with friends and family. Getting the word out and raising awareness about Parental Alienation is the best way to combat it.If you have questions or comments or would like to tell your story on an upcoming episode of Erasing AB-PA, please email: vincentsorvino@gmail.comAlso, Heather shared her email on the podcast and if anyone is local to her and wants to reach out, her email is: