Falling In Love With Leah Lamarr

Episode #3: Arielle Ray & Alan Starzinski



On the “Falling in Love with Leah Lamarr” Podcast, Leah sets up 2 single friends on a date to see if they fall in love in real life. She interviews her guests individually, and then brings them together to explore the "36 Questions That Lead to Love", which is followed by 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. After gazing into each other's eyes, they go on a date to further investigate their connection. They individually wrap up with Leah to discuss if they'd like to continue dating the other guest. If it's a confirmed "yes" from both parties, Leah brings the couple back onto the podcast to review how the relationship is unfolding. It’s intimate, it's vulnerable and it definitely goes there. Join Leah each week to learn valuable insight into the dating world and to see who falls in love! On this episode, we discuss a super messy divorce, getting sober, discovering hidden anal sex toys as a child, getting onto a NYC UCB Harold Team, Scantily Clad Confessions, getting spanked as a child, not getting homecomin