Naully Nicolas

[ Traveltrends] What Makes A Great Human Brand Online? with Mark Schaefer



Not a good brand. Not a successful brand… a great human brand? The number of digital travel touchpoints grows rapidly, as travelers look for better offers via search engines, booking apps, online travel agencies, and deal sites. Yet the travel industry must adapt to newer digital marketing strategies to win over potential customers. The key to success is delivering ultra-precisely targeted content, leveraging personalized retargeting combined with AI and deep learning. A single customer looking to book a trip can visits hundreds of travel pages each day. The search often takes weeks before the final purchase is made. In this episode, I had the great opportunity to receive Mark Schaefer, who is a prolific marketing author.Not only we talked about his new book “Marketing Rebellion” but also on  What Makes A Great Human Brand Online?  Mark Schaefer is an internationally-acclaimed keynote speaker, strategy consultant, author, and college educator. Always thinking one step ahead of marketing trends, he w