Sammy Bilyeu's Podcast

The effectual communication of your FAITH



Did you know that the communicating of your faith in Jesus will bring you revelation of the GOOD things that is already deposited in you by the Holy Spirit? The Gospel was never meant to keep to yourself. The joy that you experience by having abundant LIFE will flow out of you to the people you're around. By sharing the LIFE of Jesus through your presence, it will be tangible to everyone else. That is simply the radiance of His Glory shining in you to eminate from you! Sharing by speaking, reciprocates the word spoken and blesses you back. You give someone else Hope by sharing the life that has been transformed by God's goodness. If you are seeking revelation from the Holy Spirit, share with someone about what God done for you in Christ. By this sharing, you too will get more in return than you could ever give out!