Naully Nicolas

[Startupertalks] Alice Taylor - Vado App (Blockchain Travel Startup)



Already heralded as a game changer for multiple industries, blockchain is emerging as a powerful technological force that promises to change the travel industry’s status quo. Like eating, drinking and sleeping, taking the time to get away, go on holiday or to travel is instinctive and an important part of life for many of us, key to our well-being and ongoing success. It can motivate, inspire, rejuvenate; and whether it’s a luxury trip abroad, or weekend staycation, in some form or another we all need to take a break. The travel and tourism industry continues to thrive in agreement, directly contributing approximately 2.57 trillion US dollars to the global economy in 2017 alone*. In this #Travelcast episode, I receive Alice Taylor from the blockchain travel startup: Vado App on the topic: How blockchain is transforming travel into a friction-less experience?