Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrend] How can an independent hotel compete against large chains with Carlos Aquino



In recent years, the topic of "Independent Hotels vs Brand Hotels" has become more and more popular. It's now being discussed in every industry conference. In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carlos Aquino, Co-Founder of Magnum Leap Business Intelligence and VP Sales & Business Development at Tafer Hotels & Resorts. We spoke on: How can an independent hotel compete against large chains? Millennials, the golden market segment everyone has been raving about, also seems to appreciate more authentic and original personalized experiences over a cookie cutter, of the shelve type of product. So for the years to come I would say this is quite a good outlook for independent hotels. And this does not only count for the high-end or luxury market. In the mid-ed and budget or economy segments independent hotels are making in-ways as well. Refreshing concepts with original design, personal guest service are popping up and moving up the charts everywhere. Even in the youth hostel market we have se