Naully Nicolas

[Traveltrends] Gamification and Millenial mindset: Can they save us from over-tourism?



Over the last few decades, innovations in aviation — wider, more efficient jets and the rise of low-cost airlines — significantly reduced the cost of flying. Bigger cruise ships capable of holding many thousands of passengers now take entire floating cities to coastal ports (which is why Venice recently banned these).  Then there are the many splendors enabled by the internet, among them online booking, local reviews, smartphone mapping, and ride-hailing and home-sharing, which have collectively democratized pretty much every step involved in travel. In this episode of #travelcast, I had the pleasure to receive fuchsia claire sims who is Co-Founder Adventure Junky (Certified B Corp) App. We spoke on: #Gamification and #Millenial mindset: Can they save us from #overtourism?  With over 3 million travelers crossing international borders every day – a number set to double by 2030 – we have to ask whether our environments and cultures are resilient enough to withstand the flood.   On my blog: htt