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What is the truth today-----What is the truth about Christianity and how a true Christian is supposed to live act and function-----If you look at Christianity in America-Babylon the Great-- you will see a people who say that they are -The People of the Lord and are followers and believers in Jesus Christ.----You will see a people who operate in a organized form of religion like a colony of ants.----We're persuaded to believe that if we say a little prayer, and go to church on Sunday, and once during the week, that Jesus will love and save us from all harm and destruction.----You will see a people who are quick to claim to God's promises and blessings, but stagnant to carry out the commands of Jesus Christ.----You will see a people who will not stand against the important issues today, that are destroying our nation and the world like abortion, homosexuality, drugs alcohol pornography,television, movies, and music.----You will see a people who measure the truth, and move of God by mankind, the amount of people