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Man-ipulating God | WebPreach With Your Host Dan Roller



Definition for Manipulate- --1.To treat or operate with the hands, or by mechanical means with skill.--2. To treat or manage with intellect.--3. To control the action of, by management- as to manipulate a convention- also, to manage artfully or fraudulently.--4. To force, to rig----We have turned our hearts away from God and in a way have become gods ourselves in our thinking. Many Christians today have wondered off the paths of righteousness and have consumed the ideals of the world. We are indulging in the worlds sinful ways and have grown accustom to their methods.----We invite the ways of the world into the church with the attitude that this will bring the world in and everyone will be saved. The truth is that the world and the ways of it are carnal and destructive, and contrast to the holy things of God.