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The Alternate Route To Hell - WebPreach.com With Dan Roller



Many believers in Jesus Christ are on a road that will eventually lead them to Hell. These professing followers of Jesus Christ are unaware and have deceived themselves into believing that they are okay in their relationship with the Lord. ----They make excuses for their sins. They make excuses as to why they don-t have to live a life that is a living sacrifice to the Lord. They will continue to claim to God-s promises and covenants but will not evaluate their own lives to see if their will lines up with scripture.----The deception of compromise in the House of God has caused His presence to cease. The unbelief of His power has restricted the Holy Ghost from moving in our lives, and week after week the congregations return to the church obedient to a religion and disobedient to their God. ----They are content without the presence of God moving in their lives. They are asleep to the reality of the Lords soon return, and His impending judgment that is underway, while millions continue to enter into that wide ga