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Abomination - WebPreach Ministries with Dan Roller



Years ago I was lost in sin and running with the Devil. I could remember the Word of God and it was constantly convicting me and troubling me. I was walking through life with a guilty conscience, and I knew I was living wrong and I needed to repent. ----I had an addiction, an addiction to pornography an addiction to a fowl mouth, an addiction to an adulterous heart, an addiction to smoking and drinking, and an addiction to drugs. ----I was lying cheating and stealing. Stealing time and love from those who were giving it to me pouring out their mercy and God-s mercy on me. My heart was hard and I had hated, and I was resentful and had murderous at heart. ----I was weighed down by the pressures of this life, and all the wants of the material things and prominence of this life. My goals were for the things of this world, and all of my concerns were about me and what I wanted for me.----I was high minded and my thoughts were constricted to my own selfish will and desires. I was operating in the lust of the flesh,