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Jesus Christ said he would come again and we are to be looking for that blessed hope. We are to be watching daily for His return. We should be living each as if the Lord would return at anytime.----This doesn-t mean that we put off our responsibilities or forsake the things that are to be done in our daily lives, it simply means to keep our hearts right with the Lord.----Billions of people have been given a chance for their souls to host a body to live here on earth. Some have lived long lives, some have lived short lives, and some have not been born out of the womb.----Our time here on earth is to be spent wisely and to learn the wisdom of God. We are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to announce publicly to the world that there is something greater than the riches and fame of this world.----There is a savior, there is a King who is coming to set things right. There is a way that leads to eternal life. There is one who is greater than all. There is one who gave all so that we may have all things throu