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KOTESOL Post-show Roundtable Discussion



Post-show Roundtable KOTESOL Discussion following the 2010 KOTESOL National Candidates Discussion October 3, 2010 Participants:  Peadar Callaghan, Robert Capriles, Sara Davila, Matt Doyon, Doug Huffer, Aaron Jolly,  Jeff Lebow, Stafford Lumsden, Bryan Stoakley Topics Discussed   00:30  - Notification of Conference Session Acceptance or Rejection 06:40 - Website Status & Recording Conference Presentations 10:00  - Role of 1st VP 13:00  Korean Participation & Possibilities of a Korean Language Special Interest Group 22:30 -  Openness, Transparency, Making Organization Information Public 27:10 - More Website Update Details, Mea Culpa, & Prospects for Professional Intervention 37:35 - National Budget 40:00 - Final Words, We KOTESOL Onsite Voting at the International Conference Oct. 16~17 More information about elections & candidates at: http://kotesol.org/?q=elections Chat Log