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Koreabridge Hangout w/ Artists & Media Producers- July 25, 2011



Koreabridge Hangout July 25, 2011 Participants:Britt Kee, Chris Backe, Jason Teale, Jeff Lebow, & Steve Miller Topic:  The inspiration and economics of producing creative works (blogs, paintings, photos, videos, websites) in KoreaRelevant Links Britt: http://brittkee.com Chris: http://chrisinsouthkorea.com Jason: http://jasonteale.com Jeff: http://jefflebow.net/ Steve: http://qiranger.comYou Tube Users In Korea Independent Film Team KOREA Busan hobby photographers unite! Flickr Korea Images Seoul Photo ClubUlsan Online (Ulsan Pear archves)Agit - Busan Art Space