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Why Middle School Parents Need to Care About High Stake Tests NOW [017]



In this episode, we’ll learn: Why time is your best friendHow wishy-washy dreams make for a wishy-washy future Focus on your kid's journey How your child leads the process How to avoid believing the myth that your child is “a bad test taker” View the show notes   About our guest: Lauren Gaggioli is a Number 2 Pencil Nerd. After 8 years as a private, in-home tutor, Lauren founded Higher Scores Test Prep, an online ACT & SAT prep company. She empowers students by teaching them target-score-specific strategies to help them become bold, confident test takers.  Lauren is also the host of The College Checklist Podcast, a free podcast about all things college admissions. You can find it on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app.