#7: ABC - The Art, Business and Curation Masterclass with Janice Bond



This episode is brought to you by #BlackGirlMagic and the letter C for COINS. Janice Bond (@gypsetproper) is an artist, arts advocate and cultural rainmaker. This conversation turned into a masterclass on how artists can make money from art and create sustainable business models. Janice talks about her most recent work, including an art exhibition in Latvia, how and why she started an art curator-for-hire consultancy company, and how she builds fiscal support of other artists into her business model. We also talk about what art funders are looking for, the need for hyperlocal art support, and other art- entrepreneur essentials. As if all this isn't enough, Janice has some of the most diverse and obscure music picks of any guest we've had so far, so be sure to tune in to the very end. Go to http://www.gethighwater.com/podcast to learn more about Janice's work, and for show notes and links.