#9: The Business of Show- Creating Hyperlocal Hollywood Alternatives with Creative Cypher's Michael Issac and Troy Pryor



Creative Cypher is a non-profit media and creative incubator dedicated to giving Chicago-based creatives opportunities that go way beyond your average networking event. Michael Issac and Troy Pryor discuss how they formed Creative Cypher to address the needs of Chicago-based actors, comedians, film industry professionals, musicians and other creatives who want to build a career without leaving home. Learn more about the Creative Cypher model, how aspiring film and media professionals can approach Hollywood with something to offer, and why it is important for local artists in Chicago and beyond to bring the industry back to their neighborhoods. Listeners of this episode of the Highwater Podcast can receive a free 5-Day Home Try-On from Warby Parker. Tune in to find out how. Please leave a review and subscribe!