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Blast from the Past - Veronica Surges



Hey Dragons, here’s another blast from the past. Good friend of mine, Veronica Surges and I recorded this a few years ago to talk about being healthy at any weight. We talk about the right and wrong reasons for working out and eating right. We did discuss some issues with alcohol and disordered eating, so be aware of that. I highly suggest you listen! #WorkOutNerdOut Also, if you are thinking about starting your own podcast cast, check out their hosting services at pinecast.com. If you would like to contact me, send an email to ken@dumbbellsanddragon.com. You can also follow the show on Facebook at Dumbbells And Dragons. Follow us on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr at @DumbbellsDragon. As always, thank you to Assorted Intricacies for our theme song, Roll A D6, and you can find links to their music here. Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/dumbbells--dragons/207729ed-204e-4263-ad2b-71ac74ceb300 This podcast is powered by Pinecast.